CROWS Foundation

CROWS Foundation is dedicated to empowering, strengthening, and healing wounded veterans through a synergistic approach involving adaptive exercise programs that include focus on mindfulness and community.

We aim to help wounded vets get into gym/health club settings and classes that motivation and encourage them to become part of a community.  CROWS Foundation uses a group of physical therapists, personal trainers, coaches, and sports psychologists to accomplish this.

This is our fourth year committing to a fundraising effort that has consistently pulled our community together for non profits including Wounded Warrior project, Semper Fi Fund, and America’s fund.  In 2014 our fundraising event totaled 20 people, growing to 110 in 2015, and 130 in 2016.

The fundraising event is Back to Basic Training, held at Prairie Athletic Club in Sun Prairie, WI on June 3rd, 2017.

The event website is