Previous Projects

The Center for Community Change has provided sponsorship to a number of great initiatives over the past few years. Here are a few of these projects:

Girls Rock Camp Madison is an intense, one week day-camp for girls ages 8-18. Campers of all skill levels learn guitar, drums, keyboards, bass and vocals, form a band, write a song and perform at the end of week for friends, family, and hundreds of screaming fans. Visit to learn more.

Mindfulness for Social Change brings the benefits of mindfulness to social change organizations. The project is designed for staff of social change organizations, giving them additional tools to focus; self regulate; better deal with chaos, stress and change; and be more effective in motivating others to action. This project develops educational materials and features a core course taught by faculty with extensive experience as meditation and yoga teachers and by lifetime social change activists steeped in the day-to-day challenges of building effective change organizations.

Healthy Food for All envisions a food system that allows for full access to culturally appropriate healthy food choices for all citizens of Dane County. In the late spring of 2014 the Healthy Food for All Children community plan was completed and publicly rolled out. Under funding from the Goodman Foundation and shepherded by United Way of Dane County and Community Action Coalition for South Central WI this plan was the result of a year’s work in learning about and planning around the various aspects of our food system as they touch (or fail to touch) low income families in our community. As of March 2016, Healthy Food for All is now a project of the Northside Planning Council. Learn more at

Occupy Madison, Inc., a membership non-profit organization whose mission is to join together to creatively work towards a more humane and sustainable world. Projects include OM Build – Building Tiny Houses, OM Goods – Building products for sale to fundraise to build houses, and OM Village – A tiny village for our Tiny Houses. Visit the OM website at

Positive Women for Change responds to the needs of individuals who have suffered traumatic circumstances resulting in the disarray of personal and household finances. The hands-on program teaches participants how to identify, build and maintain healthy relationships with community resources specific to their needs.

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