Solace: Community, Comfort, and Care at Life’s End

x354-q80Solace: Community, Comfort, and Care at Life’s End envisions a world where all people will have access to a safe, welcoming environment and to compassionate caregiving at the end of life. Our mission is to create a home wherein this tender and expert care is provided for those in greatest need: those who are homeless, impoverished and socially isolated, and/or live with the challenges of mental illness.

Our purpose is to create a Social Model Hospice Home—a specialized home where these underserved populations in our community are provided housing, social support, and a place to receive hospice services. We aim to offer holistic, person-centered care that nurtures bodily comfort, emotional and spiritual wholeness, and individual dignity.

The values of compassionate presence, deep respect, inclusivity, honest and transparent communications, social and distributive justice, and reverence for the natural process of dying inform our work.

Solace is starting its second year of aligning with community stakeholders, assessing the scope of the need for such a home, and planning. We are on the cusp of initiating fund raising efforts to support organizational development and strategic planning as we explore options for the creation and staffing of a suitable 4-bedroom home in Madison.