The Madison Reunion

Bringing the ‘60s Back Home

They say, “If you remember it, you weren’t there,” but most of us who passed through Madison in the ’60s have deep and lasting memories of the time and place. Madison was a cradle of the counterculture, a rich mix of music, art, politics, history and participatory experience…an unforgettable time of experimentation, innovation and creativity.

The Madison Reunion is planning a “together again for the first time” gathering for June 14 – 16, 2018, at the (newly-renovated) Memorial Union and at venues on campus and around town. Three days jam-packed with panels and performances, films and fun, art and artifacts, meet-ups and memories, tours, tie-dyes and tunes on The Terrace.

It’s a party with a purpose! Join our 50th anniversary “cultural Woodstock” to examine where we are, how we got here and what we left behind. Now is the time to bring the ’60s back home. Learn more at Read more about the event and Dow Day in 1967 in this WSJ article: 50 years ago, ‘Dow Day’ left its mark on Madison .