United Madison


Goodwill Marketing Campaign

Unity, Life Success & Community Causes

With Volunteering Component
Mass Media Education | Funding | Employee Engagement Volunteering | Mentoring | Apprenticeships



Through business and media partnerships, Madison can be the “birthplace of the new America” by creating a unified community where we collaboratively bring about positive change, attitudes and opportunities for ALL.


Messages: United Madison was created with the idea that we can make a positive impact in our community by getting the media and businesses to join together to provide important mass messages to educate, enlighten and positively influence the public.

Funding and Volunteering: We also want to intentionally encourage businesses in giving back to the community with their financial resources as well as “sweat equity” of their employees to volunteer time through mentoring, job shadowing or other value to help people in need that are connected to local non-profits, churches, schools or other organizations.

Collaboration:  Typically, organizations are restricted to focusing on their own independent goals.  United Madison provides a collaborative umbrella; helping us to work together to provide the greatest impact that will benefit ALL.

Learn more and watch an introductory video at http://www.unitedmadison.com.